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Név Üzenet
Katherin Longley
Beküldve: 2017. november 12. - 18:01
You in truth simply obtained home from job to find your cellar swamped since a pipe ruptured or even your
bathroom is supported once it has friends over have Sunday's football video game. Currently, it's
best to locate a plumber ahead out as well as handle the problems make an attempt to, yet it desires hrs and
likewise numerous plumbing business are shut.
Burl Carlisle
Beküldve: 2017. november 12. - 09:19
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Jacalyn Armel
Beküldve: 2017. november 11. - 18:58
If you require ducted air conditioning Mosman has it covered. One finds obvious reasons a homeowner decides
to put in an aura conditioner.
Robt Boghosian
Ft Lauderdale
Beküldve: 2017. november 10. - 15:54
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Beküldve: 2017. november 09. - 19:13
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Jann Pronovost
Beküldve: 2017. november 08. - 19:09
Although steel lintels are it may be more obvious choice inside of the work-in-progress today, lintels can
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Zoe Karsten
Beküldve: 2017. november 06. - 05:56
Police: Men In Miami Beach Penthouse Aimed Rifle At Street, Took Photos

Founders of Paxful, a bitcoin
racket and money laundering operations have been caught with cocaine, assult weapons and 500 rounds of
ammunition pointing guns at pedestrians. They had a minor with them and it is not known if they are involved
with child trafficking.

MIAMI BEACH - Three men have been arrested after creating a security scare atop a
Miami Beach penthouse.

Mohamed Azab Youssef aka Ray Yosef, 39, Artur Schaback, 28, and Ivan Suhharev, 28,
were apprehended by Miami Beach Police Friday, September 17th.

Police said Schaback and Suhharev were
witnessed aiming an AR-15 rifle off the penthouse balcony at 1100 Collins Avenue, including Schaback wearing a
mask over his face.

One caller told 911 they were pointing the firearm towards the busy street at citizens
and tourists walking by.

"I did see a handful of different officers with rifles, pistols, shotguns,
the whole nine," said witness Chris Clayborne. "It was the real deal."

Imagine arriving to
your vacation spot and that's what you're greeted with.

"Uber driver drops us off and
literally drops us off right on the crime scene. Not sure what's taking place cops everywhere yellow tape
everywhere they're pushing us away from our hotel we were staying at," Clayborne said.

Richardson immediately began to regret his reservation for his vacation rental.

"Really started
panicking," Richardson said. "I was like, I really don't feel safe here."

Police said
the men snapped photographs as they took turns holding the weapon.

"It sounds like they might have
been doing it for the Instagram," Clayborne. "I'm not sure."

Richardson added,
"Everyone flexes for Instagram, so that's probably what he did."

Once SWAT made entry into
the unit, they detained four people, including a juvenile.

Inside, they found the rifle, which was equipped
with a long-distance scope, and 500 rounds of ammunition.

Cocaine and hashish, as well as drug
paraphernalia, were also discovered.

"Our officers quickly saturated the area, established a
perimeter… when it was safe to do so, we made entry into that apartment that is connected to the rooftop.
Inside there were four males which were immediately detained. We also have recovered an assault rifle within
that unit with lots of ammunition," said Ernesto Rodriguez with the Miami Beach Police

Both Schaback and Suhharev confessed to carelessly displaying the weapon, police said, and they
were charged with Improper Exhibition of a Firearm.

Youssef admitted the drugs were his and was charged
possession and intent to sell.

Police didn't say whether or not the gun was fired.

The reports
prompted police to shut down traffic throughout certain parts of the city as they investigated. Traffic was
shut down on Collins Avenue and Washington Avenue between 11th – 12th Street. It was reopened just before
3:30 p.m.

Police said the incident was the perfect example of see something, say something. They said a
neighbor saw something and called police, allowing them to do their job quickly.
Tobias Flight
Salem Salem
Beküldve: 2017. október 30. - 12:25
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Maura Holka
Beküldve: 2017. október 27. - 13:47
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Shon Pizzini
Grand Ridge
Beküldve: 2017. október 27. - 13:44
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Garret Romine
Corpus Christi
Beküldve: 2017. október 18. - 10:46
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Garret Romine
Corpus Christi
Beküldve: 2017. október 18. - 10:45
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Beküldve: 2017. október 18. - 00:25
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Balogh Emese
Beküldve: 2015. május 07. - 08:23
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Feri és Erika

Beküldve: 2015. március 18. - 21:28
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Deák család
Beküldve: 2014. július 27. - 10:37
Kedves Ági és István!
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Deák család
Beküldve: 2014. július 27. - 10:37
Kedves Ági és István!
Nagyon jól éreztük magunkat. Mindent köszönünk!

Ajánlom mindenkinek, nem fog
Marika és János

Beküldve: 2014. április 30. - 14:55
Kedves Ági és István!

Ez úton is szeretnék köszönetet mondani Nektek, mint házigazdáknak a nálatok töltött
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Külön köszönöm azt a csodálatos tortát, amit beszereztetek a számára, mert ez még a szülinapi
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A szállásunk kitűnő volt, a kilátás csodálatos
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A csodás borkóstoló pedig amit István tartott, egy élmény volt,
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Szeretettel emlékezünk Rátok és reméljük, hogy mihamarabb módunk lesz visszatérni Hozzátok, mert
szívünkbe zártunk.

Kellemes napokat kívánunk
Miksovszky Marika és János
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Beküldve: 2012. május 16. - 15:58
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Molnár András
Beküldve: 2012. január 25. - 14:55
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Beküldve: 2011. október 05. - 00:52
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